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Links and references

The following list is provisional, and will be expanded as time allows for more research. There are a number of techniques and approaches to managing this problem. The techniques are listed in alphabitical order. Atlantotec A technique very similar to … Continue reading

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Symptoms and Signs of Atlas Subluxation

Edited 9 July 2018 This information is not meant to provide a medical opinion or medical advice but I hope it will help readers understand the sort of things they should be considering and asking their own practitioners for help … Continue reading

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Treatment of Atlas Subluxations

A number of different specific treatments have been proposed for this condition. My general experience has been that many patients having conventional treatments for upper cervical problems seem to run relapsing courses with temporary relief from conventional treatments. Certainly that … Continue reading

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Investigations for Atlas subluxation

As a rule the difference in alignment between the base of the skull and the atlas is visible on plain X-ray, especially on an open mouth view of the atlas. The features are subtle,  and easily mistaken for a projection … Continue reading

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Anatomy and Physiology of Atlas Subluxation.

The proposed problems caused by a rotatory subluxation at the atlanto-occipital joint are easily explicable in terms of the applied anatomy of the region. This list should be understood as incomplete, as I am still turning up further complexities as … Continue reading

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Atlas Profilax Testimonial

Edit Dec 2012: This testimonial was accurate at the time of first posting, but further complications over the last 18 months will require a postscript. The key points of my past history are: 1) Chronic difficulties with posture. I was … Continue reading

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Basic anatomy and terminology

The atlas, otherwise known as C1, is the first cervical vertebra, the uppermost bone in the spine. It articulates with the skull superiorly, and with the Axis, C2 inferiorly. The joint between the atlas and the skull normally allows only … Continue reading

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