Treatment of Atlas Subluxations

A number of different specific treatments have been proposed for this condition.

My general experience has been that many patients having conventional treatments for upper cervical problems seem to run relapsing courses with temporary relief from conventional treatments. Certainly that was my own personal experience.

Some of the specific treatments I am are aware of are :

 Atlas Profilax. (Originated in Switzerland 1996).

This is the treatment I had, and as already specified it was highly effective, and a comfortable and gentle procedure. I am aware of a good number of other patients who have had the treatment. Results for neck pain and back pain that I am aware of have all been positive. More general improvements have been more variable from patient to patient.

This is a single treatment that involves very localised massage to the upper cervical spine followed by mobilisation of the joint. The procedure is done in the sitting posture and the force involved in the mobilisation is quite low. The procedure is almost always a one off treatment with a single review appointment. Recurrent subluxations rarely occur without high impact injury, but caution and avoidance of heavy lifting are counselled in the first weeks after treatment.

No health rebates are available for this treatment within Australia at the time of my writing this page. As far as I am aware this treatment is currently only offered by complementary health practitioners. The main website of Atlas Profilax now advertises over 1 million patients treated.

Atlantotec is another treatment recently developed in Switzerland. It is extremely similar to Atlas Profilax. Of particular interest is a small study of about 500 patients that documents their experience with the rates of improvement seen in a range of conditions.

Chiropractors have also developed a range 8 of non manipulative techniques for treating this subluxation of which I am aware.

It has been my experience that most patients who have had any atlas correction have a significant adjustment period while their muscles adapt to the new posture. This period is often characterised by muscle pains and sometimes headaches. Careful attention to symptomatic relief ( ie massages, local heat and/or simple over the counter painkillers) and work to improve posture ( Pilates or Yoga) has helped greatly.

I am very clear from my observations that learning healthy postural habits is central to obtaining the full benefit from this treatment and I have seen people who have had atlas corrections treatment, and not worked to achieve a healthy posture, whose gains from treatment have been relatively minor. As a rule, achieving a healthy posture with an uncorrected atlas subluxation is very difficult.

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4 Responses to Treatment of Atlas Subluxations

  1. Jill Greenwood says:


    I have an oppportunity for an Atlasprofilax treatment, but I am nervous. After years of symptoms you’ve listed (and more), and years of chiropractors (Network Spinal Analysis, NUCCA, Koren Specific Technique, and conventional chirpractors), physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, intramsucular stimulation treatments, I am still looking for a solution.

    I am glad you posted this information. I will meet with the practitioner and see if this is for me.

    Thank you.


    • Jill,
      I would comment that I am still working on some residual postural issues that appear to relate to underlying neurological damage from the original injury. Continuing careful attention to posture and fitness is sorting these out- especially some yoga inspired execises.


    • anja says:

      jill have you found a solution? your post. was two years.ago. thanks. anja

  2. Robert Cipoletti says:

    You left out a specific atlas adjustment by a Chiropractor

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