Chiropractic treatment of upper cervical birth trauma

Both of our children( and myself) suffered significant trauma to the upper cervical spine at birth. All three of us were unsettled babies who would not sleep easily and cried a lot. We all had issues with colic or with reflux or vomiting. All three of us carried those sleep problems right through our childhood and were prone to nightmares. All three of us later developed ADHD.

My ADHD started improving immediately from the moment of the first treatment to my malaligned atlas, and both of my children have shown substantial improvements too (though being oppositional teenagers they are not yet doing enough to fully correct the problem).

Yesterday I reviewed a 6 year old boy who had presented with ADHD symptoms and had an obvious atlas malalignment posture. His mother was exhausted by the challenges of looking after him. After about 2 years of continuing to press her to get her son attended to by a chiropractor she had finally relented. When I saw him yesterday he was three months into treatment and he is totally transformed, into a calm, happy trusting little boy. That is the most dramatic clinical improvement I have ever seen in all my  28 years in practice as a doctor- and I am confident that that child is now secure on a healthy developmental traectory.

It frustrates me immensely that as a medical practitioner we never thought of taking our children for chiropractic treatment, and that we had never even heard of atlas subluxations (or any of its other synonyms.

There is a group of doctors in Australia who call themselves the “Friends of Science in Medicine”. They campaign aggressively against chiropractic care of children and pretend that it is dangerous.

This is an example of an atlas adjustment in an infant. Watch it closely. See how gentle it is and how the baby is transformed from distressed to relaxed and peaceful. This is the treatment that can prevent a lifetime of suffering:

The “Friends of Science In Medicine” are no such thing. I bet not one of them has actually sat in with a chiropractor and seen them work. They are a group of wilfully ignorant and politically influential bullies. Their campaigning is preventing people from accessing safe care by repeating the lie that this treatment is unsafe and unnecessary. They are guilty of a genuine abuse of the authority that goes with their status as Medical Practitioners.

Both of our children(and myself) suffered significant trauma to the upper cervical spine at birth and were unsettled babies who would never sleep and had feeding problems. All 3 of us later developed ADHD.

It frustrates me- as being a medical practitioner we never even thought of going to a chiropractor- who could have fixed the problem in about 10 minutes, or less. I have learned the lesson of not being too precious about my status as a medical practitioner

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6 Responses to Chiropractic treatment of upper cervical birth trauma

  1. Christopher says:

    Thx for all you hard WK and effort w this topic. It helped me better understand my own challenges. Not easy some times for sure.

    Thankful stranger.
    Chris from Baltimore MD.

  2. Carlos says:

    Hello mindbody i find your articles very interesting , i understand you had atlas adjustment yourself sthrough atlasprofilax modality so i wonder is this the better alternative to adress the atlas versus the conventional upper cervical techniqued namely nucca ,ao,blair,etc or what would you recomend im tring to address this for myself and i find it hard to make a choice . What would be the most effective and lasting option ,you experienced the profilax how is it working for you, how are you doing, what is the better choice and safe in your opinion ,any help w these questions thsnx in advance . Have a great day , blesdings

    • MindBody says:

      I have only had Atlas Profilax for the initial adjustment- so cant compare. I do know that the chiropractic methods you reference are precise and are carefully measured- so I am confident in the techniques.
      I would be fascinated to see an atlas orthogonal being done.
      My atlas remains unstable though, but most adjustments at that level can be achieved by gentle massage at this stage. When I started though the whole area was locked down in muscle spasm, and Atlas Profilax was effective and virtually painless.

      Stability of adjustment is another matter though, as we are dealing with a body that has gotten used to being out of alignment- and wants to return to what it now “perceives as normal”.
      Fixing that takes more patience as that is more of a neurological problem than an orthopaedic matter of simple malalignment

  3. Carlos says:

    THanks for replaying, i see , so you started right away with the atlasprofilax. IM courious , i know that you mentioned that it didnt last a “lifetime” like promised, so i wonder how long did you feel the profilax lasted for you?? did it last a year, two, a month? I’m curious.
    How did you know it got out again? how did you know??.
    THank you

    • MindBody says:

      I would say it was stable for the first 6 – 18 months, and mostly stable after that for a couple of years- but the more stress I was exposed to ( and hence the more I instinctively adopted forward head posture) the more unstable it became. I am sure that the loading of the skull on the neck in forward head posture is a substantial driver of re-displacement of a malaligned atlas- and that opinion fits in with observations made by physical therapists ( see
      As for how I knew it was out again: it is easy once you know what you are checking to compare the relationship of the transverse processes of the atlas to the adjacent mastoid process of the skull and the angle of the jaw. Also the transverse process of the atlas should be non tender and there should be an opening and closing of the gap between the atlas transverse process and the mastoid process of the skull. The latter is not a 100% definite sign- I have had the atlas malaligned and still had mobility between the atlas and skull on sideways tilting of the head.

      • Amy says:

        Are you currently seeing a nucca chiropractor for the recurring instability? I’m also curious why you haven’t tried atlasprofilax a second time if the first did hold for at least 6 months.
        Thank you! And thanks for sharing your expertise. 🙂

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