Gut dysbiosis and sympathetic dominance

This weeks discovery:
I have been picking up on some information about gut dysbiosis, and, as i was not getting well as fast as I thought I should be, I went off to have a full faecal aerobe/anaerobe test.

The context of this is that about a fortnight ago I had 2 days of acute and quite severe illness, both brought about by tyramine rich foods. I had had a suspicion about this item for some years, but the reactions were always inconsistent- so there was never enough reason to systematically avoid them ( and yes, I like blue cheese, red wine and salami– a lot).

As it turns out my gut was loaded with bugs that produce amines (including tyramine- and ammonia- which causes most of the cognitive symptoms in hepatic encephalopathy, and with bugs which cause lactic acid- which causes muscle pains, and has kept re-activating my neck problem. However they were there largely because of the pattern of sympathetic dominance ( and the secondary dysfunctional eating habits) caused by my upper neck malalignment. That was a birth injury, and it would have responded nicely to a chiropractic intervention in the first few weeks of my life.

The solution was simple- but not pleasant:- a dose of picoprep to reduce the total load of bugs in my gut- then a planned program of erythromycin (which will kill the nasties without harming the E.Coli- the “good guys”) and then a combination of 4 weeks of carbohydrate avoidance to starve any remaining streptococci to death, and of taking a supplement to alkalinise my body- as the streptococci produce lactic acid and they thrive in an acidic environment.

This morning, after taking the picoprep yesterday, and after recovering from a truly hideous tyramine withdrawal headache, I feel good. My mind is clear, I feel better than I can ever recall having felt- calm comfortable and clear, and I am ready for action.

That is a good thing- much action is required.

I am not the only victim of this ignorance. Another patient of mine turns out to have a sky high serum ammonia, consistent with toxicity from his gut bugs. This lovely, kind, creative young man has been given multiple psychiatric labels for decades- and has been stuck on Seroquel- because it was the only thing my  colleagues could think of to help him sleep. He could not sleep because he was in pain- but psychiatrists have forgotten that they are doctors and don’t think of that sort of thing– apparently they thought he had an “attachment problem” !

This issue of gut dysbiosis had been well known and routinely treated in Russia for about thirty years- but the medical establishment in the West has resisted this knowledge with all its considerable might. It has set enormous barriers to research, ( mostly through exploiting the labyrinthine rules around ethics committees and making this sort of research very difficult to get off the ground).

Not only that the core problems were well documented in a  book called “The Ultramind Solution” by Dr Mark Hyman 7 years ago.

I highly recommend reading pages  199 through 206 for some clear cut case histories re gut dysbiosis and psychiatric presentations.



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2 Responses to Gut dysbiosis and sympathetic dominance

  1. Nobody says:

    Beautifully said. Take heed to alternative therapies for advanced problem solving! Hellos Gerson, Macrobiotics, GAPS diet!

    • MindBody says:

      I rather suspect though that the GAPS diet will be unnecessary once the leaky gut has been corrected. The issue I have always had with the GAPS diet is that it excludes many foods that would have been part of our ancestral diet- so it is hard to understand why that should be necessary. Seeing these foods as problematic in the context of an inflamed gut, however is a different matter altogether.

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