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I am a health practitioner who has been practicing in Australia since 1986. The question of spinal subluxations and their role in health complaints beyond localised pain problems still excites a good deal of controversy and hostility in the medical profession, at least within Australia and the US. For this reason I prefer to preserve my anonymity.

I have started this blog as a response to my own experiences as a patient. The blog is still a work in progress as the neurological and biomechanical implications of malalignment in the upper cervical spine are very complex and it is not easy to find a comprehensive information on the subject. Equally the spinal malalignments in question are described under different names by different professions.

My history is that for many years I suffered from back and neck pain, and sought conventional treatment through doctors and physiotherapists, but never really achieved anything better than temporary symptom control. Despite the treatment I received I was progressively deteriorating, and developing a wider range of symptoms that did not seem connected to my back or neck problems. By late 2009 I was so compromised by so many diverse symptoms that I  seriously wondering if I would be able to continue working. Given that I was less than 50 years old at the time, this presented quite a problem.

In December 2009 I encountered an advertisement for a new mobilisation technique for the upper cervical spine called Atlas Profilax. I had the treatment shortly thereafter and was greatly impressed not only by the immediate improvement in my neck and back pain, but also by a range of wider health benefits- in particular improved alertness and concentration.

However, despite the claims of Atlas Profilax to be a one off treatment, my experience has been that considerable body work has been required to get full benefit of the correction of the subluxation. There have been significant issues with chronic dysfunctional movement patterns that need to be overcome as well as problems with arthritic change caused by years of poor posture.

As time has progressed it has also become clear to me that upper cervical malalignments may be primary or secondary to malalignment elsewhere in the spine or sometimes even to metabolic issues. However one issue that has become more and more clear is that upper cervical malalignments directly impact the information that reaches the brain stem and can cause serious down stream problems in brain function as our system struggles to cope with distorted information that does not match on the left and right side. There are also issues related to direct mechanical distortion of the brainstem and compromise of drainage of both cerebrospinal fluid and venous blood from the skull.

While this blog initially emphasized issues at C0-1 (the joint between the skull and the atlas) is is clear that C0-1-2 should be regarded as a functional unit and that issues of distorted information can arise from the positioning of any of these joints and the resting tension of any of the suboccipital muscles. This will be dealt with at greater length later.

It is clear to me now that in my case the initial problem was direct birth injury to the upper cervical spine. It is also clear to me that the ill effects of this injury would have been greatly reduced by timely chiropractic intervention. It remains a source of great frustration to me personally that I could have been spared 52 years of pain if my own profession had not been so willfully ignorant about the vital work that chiropractors do.

Unfortunately the conventional medical profession has been very efficient at suppressing information about chiropractic treatment and at slandering chiropractic by calling it pseudoscience. As far as I can see, this slander is completely unjustified. From my perspective it would seem that the only reason for maintaining it is the reason of maintaining the prestige and dominance of conventional medicine as the dominant player in the health market in Western nations.

My experience as I have researched the area is that far from being a pseudoscience, chiropractic is supported by a very considerable body of research. That body of evidence is not exclusive to chiropractic, but underpins virtually all manual therapy traditions including conventional physiotherapy. There has been extensive evidence collected by conventional medical practitioners, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

The main problem with chiropractic research is that there has not been comprehensive enough research done on clinical outcomes, and the research that has been done has not been cross referenced adequately.

This caveat needs to be understood, however in the context of the funding models for clinical research- which have mostly been directed at molecular medicine and finding patentable drug products. This kind of research yields the greatest profits and so is far more likely to be able to access funding, so by definition any manual therapies struggle to develop a large enough research base to be impressive to doctors familiar with the large scale studies done in testing some medications..

Currently our medical understanding of what constitutes an evidence base does not allow for the massive distortion in the research effort created by the profit motive.

The National Institutes of Health are now developing new direction in research that emphasises the functional networks that influence brain function and connectivity, and is looking more intensely at treatments that offer the opportunity of building neuroplastic change in the brain. It is to be hoped that this new approach will support greater funding for the understanding of the feedback mechanisms between brain and body.

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  1. Dear author,

    first of all: thank you for sharing your experiences about AtlasPROfilax and your personal experience!

    One hint (1) and one request (2):

    (1) We are about to overhaul the international (rather restrictive) website shortly as well as will launch an Australian AtlasPROfilax hopefully this summer.

    The latter will contain most of the very elaborated Latinamerican site (www.atlasprofilax.la). Please look at it. If you use Google Chrome as browser, you can directly translate the Spanish content to English. It’s worth it and very informative, and I guess a lot of your findings will be reflected there!

    (2) Please contact me via e-mail (jc.dippold@atlasprofilax.de). I’ve been to Australia last November for a meeting with our active Australian Atlasprofs and would be very interested to get in touch with you!

    Thanks anyway.

    Kind regards from Germany, Joerg-Christian Dippold

    • MindBody says:

      Will do.
      Things are very busy right now- I am working on a major news story re corruption of the psychiatric profession in Australia by a very powerful pharmaceutical company.
      I will send a short reply– but it may take a few days to go further than that.

      I find Atlas Profilax very helpful, but am still scared of those vultures in the Australian Medical Board. They hounded 2 of my frends to death- and nearly succeeded on doing the same to me.

      It was very clear from the record of interview that the major reason for their hostility was that I referred to a non AHPRA registered practitoner.
      ( One of your most impressive practitinoers in Australia).

      You need to be 100% clear that the senior members of the medial profession are using AHPRA to cement their position, influence and iincome earning capacity.

      I strongly recommend that Atlas Profilax bring an “anticompetetive practice” complaint to the ACCC over this issue.

      It is easy to do and will make an impression, especially if you find a journalist who would like the inside running on a major news story.

      There is a very big organization in Australia that will force a Royal Commission into AHPRA.

      I am confident that the evidence I have will be enough to see several members of that organization face corruption charges if the bureaucracy does not find a way to have that evidence defined as inadmissable).
      That evidence relates to only two doctors out of over 500 with winnable cases.

      The Royal Commission is likely to be followed by a class action.
      I am glad that I am not in the driving seat of this one– it needs lots of sitting at computers typing.

  2. I’ve been having all these medical conditions , X-rays plus alot of blood test have showed many flags. I’ve got a 23yr.old son now having some systems an is having so much lower back pain, muscle cramps, tingling sensation, bad headaches , anxiety with severe depression. He had blood test to check for rare disease’s.

    • MindBody says:

      This is quite a complex web- there are multiple positive feedback loops that keep us sick.
      One of the best patient education resources I have found is a book called the “SD Protocol”.

      Dr Wayne Todd ( a chiropractor form Victoria, Australia) has done a wonderful job of exploring the neurology and neuroendocrine effects of an out of control stress response.

      I am recommending that all of my own patients get this book so thay can refer to it when I give them specific exercise.

  3. I came across your article. I was amazed and thankful for your words. About 10 years ago, I experienced exactly this physical ailment. I finally narrowed it down (after maybe 2 years) to this being the likely problem. Of course the medical community never commented a word as I described how I think my CSF wasn’t draining from my head…. This article makes me feel so validated. I felt like I must be the only person in the world to ever experience this. I too fought an Upper cervical chiro who saved my life. Very interesting!

    • MindBody says:

      Right as I speak I am being harrassed by people connected ot the “Triends of Science in Medicine” a special interest group who ensure that chiropractic is marginalised by slandering it and relying on the weight of their academic authority to add weight to their words

  4. Ina says:

    Do you know the Starecta Community facebook group? This is a new method invented by people failed by the medical community. Medical communities and big pharma accriss the world are driven by greed.

    I hope to see you there as you would understand the method well and also be able to help others with your background.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hello there,

    I wonder if you have read the research of the connection of jaw misalignment and neck instability? I am fairly certain that the misalignment of my jaw is the cause of my c1/c2 subluxation.

  6. Hairy Hancock says:

    Can you comment a bit on adhd, sensory processing and your experience?
    Do you also follow and studies or resources that try to explain and deal with these issues?

    I have just recently performed Atlas correction and waiting to see if i gain any benefit in those departments.
    I believe in one of your posts you mention the impact of posture, how it ties into balance and vision.

  7. Anon says:

    I understand you prefer to remain anonymous, so I wanted to point out that you’ve left your name in one of your posts.

    Have you found any connections between what you talk about here on your blog and autoimmune disease? I come from a large family (mother was one of 9 children). Not only do I and many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles have many of the symptoms you mention throughout all your posts (especially ADHD), but a staggering number of us developed autoimmune disease later in life as well (mostly lupus and systemic sclerosis ie. Scleroderma). My own research has led me to believe this is associated with food intolerance or gut problems, which you have passively mentioned a few times.

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