Atlas Subluxation and Fibromyalgia

This recent discovery of mine on the internet is of considerable interest:

The author, a chiropractor, is proposing an association between atlas subluxation and fibromyalgia.

The proposed mechanism is through torque on the dura mater, functionally reducing the space for the cervical spinal cord to transverse the foramen magnum.

In particular he highlights compromised CSF flow, and nerve irritation to give rise to widespread bodily symptoms.

Other sources also highlight the tetherings of the dura at T12 and at the level of the sacrum, providing a more comprehensive explanation for the multilevel spinal symptoms seen with atlas malalignment/subluxation problems.

It is worth also noting that other authorities (Chaitow et Al) “Fibromyalgia Syndrome” observe the occurrence of fibromyalgia, CFS, and a range of affective and neurodevelopmental disorders (ADD, OCD, Tourette Syndrome) but also note that this cluster is found in association with ligamentous laxity.

Such an issue would, naturally increase the risk of atlanto-occipital instability.


4 Responses to Atlas Subluxation and Fibromyalgia

  1. michelen7 says:

    Hi Dr Kinsella,

    The linked article was fascinating!! Is there anyone in Melbourne who is trained in the “menengial decompression technique”

    Regards, Michele

    • MindBody says:

      Some cranisacral osteopaths, good chiropractors, and practitioners of atlas profilax (though not all are as good as each other. There are a limited number of ones I use. Resolving fibromyalgia fully is a bigger problem.

      • michelen7 says:

        I’d be very interested in your recommendations. I’m sure the FMS was triggered when I had a very tall, wide and extremely heavy pole land on my back when I was about 6-7. All I can remember is having the wind knocked out of me and difficulty breathing. I’m 52 now and also had a neck injury about 15 yrs ago. I have been to Chiropractors/Oesteopaths in the past but I don’t think they were very good.

  2. MindBody says:

    I am sorry for the delay in replying.
    The trouble is that resolving fibromyalgia fully is a complex problem. By the time it has become fully established as fibromyalgia there are disruptions in many different feedback loops. Issues like leaky gut, abnormal intestinal bacteria, difficulties in absorbing nutrients and sleep deprivation become compounded by low income and isolation. It is not easy to pull out of. The most experienced chiropractors are ones who are recognised as qualified by the Australian Association of Functional Neurology.

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